Thursday, April 18, 2013

Could it be twins?

Jake and I have been wondering lately, because we put back both our good embryos, whether both took.  According to Dr. Google, the signs could include:

1. Elevated HCG levels.  We've had this checked twice.  For day 15 past ovulation, a normal level is 150.  Mine was 480.  For day 18 past, normal is 450.  Mine was 1874.  A healthy doubling rate for hcg is every 48-60 hours.  Mine had doubled within 32 hours.

2. Excessive Morning Sickness.  Nope.  None at all.  Never mind then.

3. Early weight gain.  Hang on.  I've definitely managed to put on about 2 pounds while eating excessively healthfully.  Hmmm....

4. Extreme fatigue.  God YES.  I mean, I know all women suffer in their first trimester with fatigue, and I can't compare it to what it would be with one baby, but it certainly FEELS extreme.

5. Ultrasound confirmation.  Oh yeah, we had this yesterday.  And there's totally two little dudes in there, each with a perfect little heartbeat.  Here goes nothing!

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