Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Second Trimester

What got better: less fatigued, fewer nosebleeds, much diminished rhinitis, tiny round ligament pains are gone

What got worse: heartburn, boob pain, sleep discomfort and disruptions, unbelievably intense round ligament pain that feels like my uterus is being torn from my body.

What's new: Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction! My extra high levels of relaxin have totally destabilized my pelvis, and this problem equals pain, pain, pain, particularly when I do things that involve my legs moving separately. For example, pulling on my jeans while standing is excruciating. I have been seeing a special pregnancy chiropractor twice a week and started wearing a special (super sexy) support belt. These steps have enabled me to function like a nearly normal person during the day (even though I'm usually walking like a geisha by the end of the night). The worst part is that I had to quit yoga and switch to water aerobics....way, way less cool.

As of yesterday, 26 weeks and 5 days, the kiddos weigh about 2.5 lb each, and my belly is measuring equal to that of a singleton pregnancy at 33 weeks. Cervix is nice and long, blood pressure is low, and I do NOT have gestational diabetes! Looks like smooth sailing (read: no bed rest) ahead!

So, are we ready? I've never seen Jake so excited and so impatient! We finally secured our awesome apartment downtown and have a move-in date scheduled, October 12th (wanna help?  Haha.). We have a lot of the big stuff already: stroller, glider, changing table, all on SUPER sales! And somehow they each already have more clothes than Jake and I combined. But ready? Hmm...ask me in a month.

For those who haven't yet heard, we're having a boy and a girl, Dexter Allen and Zoey Haven (names are mostly set in stone but who knows?). We love them so much, but if Dexter doesn't stop trying to play the vibes on my rib cage, we're going to have words upon his arrival.

I feel like (probably because we've been told so many times by various in-the-know people around Dallas) we have the dream team for this birth.  Between our chiropractor Autumn Gore at Cafe of Life, Melissa Espey-Mueller with the North Dallas Doula Associates, and Dr. Ashwin Gaitonde, I think we have the best chance of an unmedicated, vaginal birth possible.  Yes, we are aware that with twins, we'll just have to be flexible, but if there was a way it was going to happen, I do believe it's with these people.  We've done our homework, found brilliant people, and written our birth plan.  Everything from here on out is just a matter of letting go.  To that end, I've been practicing deep relaxation and eyes-open self-hypnosis with this program on a daily basis.  Here we go!

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