Sunday, August 17, 2014

Babywearin' Part 2

Jake and I have both moved on to more comfortable/challenging/elitist/cultish babywearing options. 

This is a Hoppediz mei tai (pronounced /may'-tie/), and Jake has one in all black. He claims it's far more comfortable than any SSC (this is a particularly comfy brand of mei tai since it's made using woven wrap fabric) and he's starting to get pretty quick at tying it on himself. It can be used front or back. 

And this bring us to my latest obsession, the woven wrap. What's not to like? Luscious, finely crafted textiles? Breathabilty? Infinite tying options/styles?Supreme comfort? Okay, it's not always the easiest or cheapest or fastest to get in. This is why I still keep my Boba and ring sling handy. But I like a challenge and the process of learning a new skill, so this woven wrap chapter of my babywearing life is proving to be a fun one that will keep me interested for a while.  Check out all the cool carries one can learn!:

Side view of a back-carry.

Wearing both in the same 15 feet long swath of fabric.

Hip carry.

Boba on the back, woven wrap threaded through the straps on the front.

I've owned only two so far: Natibaby Golden Feathers (30% hemp/70% cotton in a size 4 and Girasol Diamond Weave Dark Rainbow (100% cotton) in a 7. I've already sold the Girasol and am on the lookout for a great size 6, preferably in a linen blend. I want to try ALL THE WRAPS.

And I'm not alone. I have made so many dear, awesome mama friends through our local babywearing group. These are not only smart, savvy women who make attachment parenting look cool, but they are also textile geeks like me! Double score.

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